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Parla Palma al tinguely museum

Resoconto sulla performance “Parla Palma” di Yara Li Mennel, Anna Rigamonti e Natalie Peters

Art Performance from Yara Li Mennel, Natalie Peters and Anna Rigamonti

at Panch Social Elegance

in the context of Bang Bang exhibition at Tinguely Museum, Basel

27. 7. 2022 – Duration: 20min

All is dark. I hear a rhythmic but soft tak tak around me then some noises to the right. I take big breaths. There is little air. I am under a golden fabric and I move carefully. Natalie says something in German that I don't understand. She sounds very direct. It feels like a statement. Then I hear Yara who also says something in German she says something about happiness in a very serious way, I think. I meanwhile get out from under the golden fabric but I still can't see anything because my hair is covering my face. Then I talk about structures that support and suffocate us «you are the idea of yourself...what you are today is the result of conventions and ideologies....Shall we break all down?...What there is behind all this?...Pure energy will arise...finding your true matter if you believe or not...» Sounds, noises, intensity. I move my hair away from my face, though I still wear a mask that keeps me from seeing well because the eyeholes are small and awkwardly placed. Yara with a megaphone asks herself «Scappo?...Perché scappo? ... ...Mi scaravento dentro...» (Do I run?...Why do I run? ... ...I throw myself inside...). Natalie gibberishes words that sound like German. I can feel the intention but the sense is gone. Meanwhile letters come out of my mouth and make no sound. Indigestion of letters and words but it doesn't serve any purpose. Out of my mouth they come out disorganized and fall silently to the floor. Natalie sings, makes sounds, intensely. Yara has her feet in a shopping basket and dances. She throws herself into it. I stand speechless. Then I unmask myself and I remove my red jacket. Underneath I have a one-piece swimsuit and furry paws dangle from the top of the costume as if small animals were feeding at my breasts. I see green through my eyes. Furs fill my belly and I am pregnant. I caress my abdomen as I say «Je recherche mon coté animal, l'autenticitéême vraie derrière toute contruction mentale... Ce n'est pas faut que je pratique la présence.... Il y a toujours quelque chose qui bloque...c'est le désir de mon esprit de contrôler...» (I'm looking for my animal side, the autenticity...myself true behind any mental construction... It's not easy...I have to practice presence.... There is always something that is my mind's desire to control...). Meanwhile Natalie and Yara play with seashells.

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